You Own a Waterfall

Smokey Mountain National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, © 2010 Marie LaForce

You own magnificent waterfalls. You own stunning views of mountains and stunning views of gorgeous canyons. They belong to you. They’re yours. And all that’s asked of you is to put it in your will, for your children so that they can have it too. 

-Dayton Duncan

With the national parks closed, I was thinking about the PBS series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. For me our parks have always been about beauty, nature, and relaxation. When I buy an annual pass and use it a couple times, I’m always struck by what a value it is.

Together we can bring to life amazingly cool ideas like our national parks. We can also wreck them. These days it feels like we can’t make up our minds as to which we want to do.

The video below explains the national parks idea and features some breath-taking scenery. The two minute clip serves as a nice stress reliever, so give yourself a break.

Adoption for digital transformation

After watching it, one can’t help but wonder what other cool ideas like this are just waiting to emerge from our collective will as a nation, a community, or even within our work teams.

By Tom LaForce

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