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This web site is owned by Tom LaForce, a Minneapolis-based meeting facilitator and speaker. He can be reached at tom .at.

Information collected on this site

I only collect information that you willingly provide. In most cases it will be basic contact information such as name, email, organization, address, and phone number.

How your data is used

Your information is used to communicate with you. This could be to respond to one of your inquiries, provide you with updates about the company, or deliver to you electronic newsletters or other services to which you subscribed. If you do subscribe to anything, and later decide you no longer wish to receive correspondence, you can quickly and easily unsubscribe.

Safeguarding your information

I will not provide the data you provide to any third party without your permission.

Social media

If you choose to connect via one of the popular social media services displayed on this site (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner RSS), each of those services privacy policies are applicable. What Facebook does with your information is still a mystery. I have no control over your privacy once you leave this site.


If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy while on this site, please contact me.

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