Windows 10 Home Group Problem After Upgrade from Windows 7

Windows 10 Group Problem

Every now and then I figure out a problem for which I want to share the answer. This one seems thorny and it appears that a lot of people are frustrated trying to solve it.

I had a home group set up for two Windows 7 computers. Once we upgraded to Windows 10, the home group no longer worked.

The home group control panel said there was a home group established, but it:

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  • Didn’t allow me to join it with the old password, even though it gave me a button to do so.
  • Didn’t give me an option to leave the home group or delete it from the network.
  • Didn’t allow me to make a new one.

As I tried various ideas that I read in forums, I always had both machines on. Then on a whim I shut down one machine. Finally I was given the option to set up a new home group. Once I had the option, I took it. Get it while the gettin’s good and all.

I set it up, fired up the other machine, and entered the password. Problem solved.

I have no idea why it worked, but it did.

By Tom LaForce

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