LinkedIn is Great Way to Stay Connected

Say this out loud right now.

“I can’t know or do everything, but there are people out
there who know and can do exactly what I need.”

Do you believe it? I do.

So how do you find these folks and more importantly stay connected with them? One requirement is good old-fashioned hobnobbing. You know; meeting people, finding out what they know and can do, and then begin the process of building a relationship. A second requirement is a way to keep track.

For the second, I’m a big fan of LinkedIn. It really is a useful way to stay connected with colleagues as they move from place to place in their careers.


It’s also helpful for reconnecting with those long-lost friends I’ve somehow lost track of. When I meet someone new these days, I almost always look them up on LinkedIn to learn more about where they’ve been and what they know.

Some who aren’t using it say that it seems like a waste of time. That hasn’t been the case for me. Just the opposite, it seems like a  low-cost (i.e. my time) way to build a mutually supportive network of professionals. And these days, who couldn’t use a few more friends.

Think we ought to connect? Here’s my LinkedIn page. Send me an invite.

By Tom LaForce

Tom LaForce owns LaForce Teamwork Services, a Minneapolis-based consulting company. He's on a mission to create better results through teamwork. He wrote Meeting Hero: Plan and Lead Engaging, Productive Meetings.