How Visionworks at Southdale in Edina Got It Right

Visionworks glasses

Recently I decided to get a new pair of glasses. I strolled into a nearby Visionworks at Southdale in Edina, and began the arduous task of picking out a frame.

Over the course of two visits, I found the right one. The guy who helped me was super-attentive. When it came time to pay up, I tried all my best negotiating lines on him. For each, he was able to address my objection with complete professionalism and effectiveness. Impressive.

After wearing them for a couple hours, I found them uncomfortable, so I went back for an adjustment.

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I left satisfied the problem was solved, but it wasn’t. I returned eight times.

I probably worked with every employee in that store. They were all helpful, understanding, and decent people; convincing me they were committed to my satisfaction. Nobody even hinted that maybe I was just picky (I didn’t think I was and certainly didn’t want others to think that about me).

On the way in to my eighth adjustment, I decided the frames didn’t fit my head properly and never would. It was time to put Visionworks to the test. I was going to take them up on their 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

When I told them I wanted a new frame. They didn’t even blink. Instead, it was back to the frame displays to find the right one for me. I felt like a brand new customer, and they were doing the best they could to help me find the right pair of glasses.

Now that’s customer service. Thanks Visionworks.

By Tom LaForce

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