A Simple Way to Add Value in Your Network

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A few years ago my wife, Marie, noticed that Home Depot was having a big spring sale on mulch.

Because we had a lot of mulching needs, we were happy she found this information with 2 days left in the sale. It was good to get a deal, especially on a product that you throw on the ground and let rot.

Instead of privately enjoying her discovery, she decided to share this information. A quick Facebook update alerted her gardening friends to this opportunity.

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One of her friends then did the same to her Facebook friends and before long there were a lot of people talking mulch and buying it on sale at Home Depot.

Share What You Know

It’s so easy these days to bring a little happiness to others. Social networks have given us a vehicle for easily sharing information that others will value, requiring only the smallest effort from us.

Of course, we have to be on the lookout for useful information. Then we need to remember to share it.

It’s About Adding Value

Building a network with lots of contacts isn’t in itself useful. Adding value to that network is.

Sure you have accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Want to bring these tools to life? Find a way to add value.

If you think this little article added value to your day, you can start by sharing a link to it on your social networks. Do it now before you forget.

By Tom LaForce

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